Conference Program Outline

Conference Details

"Social Franchising" is the application of Social Marketing values and expertise to clinical services. As Social Marketing seeks to apply the lessons of commercial marketing and brand creation to socially beneficial goods and behavior change promotion, so Social Franchising seeks to apply the lessons of commercial franchising to socially beneficial ends" (Source- Private Healthcare in Developing Countries (2008))

Highlights of the Conference

  • First-of-its-kind global conference on Social Marketing and Franchising
  • Unique platform bringing together public and private sector for facilitating cross learning
  • Over 600 National/International delegates from Health Ministries of various countries, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies and corporates
  • Internationally renowned technical experts in the field of health as speakers
  • Showcasing of globally successful and proven models in healthcare delivery

Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT), a not-for-profit trust, promoted by HLL Lifecare Ltd, with the support of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) and HLL Lifecare Ltd (HLL) is organising the ‘Global Health Conference on Social Marketing and Franchising (SM & F)’. This Conference will bring together world’s leading innovators, implementers, government representatives, practitioners and donors from the field of SM & F to share their experiences and best practices.


Conference Theme

‘Achieving Universal Coverage for Primary Healthcare through Social Marketing and Franchising’.


Conference Objectives

  • Sensitize policy makers and prospective private sector partners to position SM&F as a strategy for achieving universal healthcare.
  • Provide a platform for key SM & F stakeholders to understand global best practices.
  • Encourage cross learning to achieve the four primary goals: Access. Cost-Effectiveness. Quality. Equity.
  • Evolve sustainable Public-Private- Partnership (PPP models) with private sector engagement in strengthening health service delivery.


The change we need

Social Marketing and Franchising are strategies that can ensure quality healthcare coverage within the broad context of social change. The Global Health Conference on SM & F will strengthen the practice of social marketing and franchising and provide important lessons based on inputs from policy makers,healthcare providers, implementors, international donors and funding agencies. The conference will also attempt to build political buy-in from policy makers supporting the same. We believe that under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), Social Marketing and Franchising are proven strategies for facilitating ‘social and economic inclusion’ in achieving Universal coverage for primary healthcare.


What you can gain from the conference

  • A platform for showcasing your work/organisation to a diverse global audience
  • A launch pad for the introduction of your innovation (products, services or technologies) in the healthcare sector
  • An opportunity to liaison and network with delegates from Governments from various countries, multilateral and bilateral donor agencies and corporates
  • Scope for developing new business opportunities and partnerships
  • Exposure to best practices and upcoming innovative models in healthcare sector